Reviews for "Song For Someone"

It's pretty good, I was hoping the hook would be a little stronger. =/
It's awesome, though! You and your band sounded pretty badass. =D

It's ok... i guess

I for one don't like this


She had a cold in this one, too? I never would have guessed. This song is awesome. Did you ever release an album? I would have bought it. Definitely. Why did you guys stop making songs together, anyway?


Fantastic, that could easily have been on the radio and I wouldn't have suspected it of being anything other than a professional catchy tune. That chick's voice is amazing!

This isn't bad at all.

I only came across this because of Maestro's version of this original. She's not a bad vocalist, and the song itself is pretty good. I kind of like that it's not super mastered quality, then again if it was remastered it could be on radio easy.