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Reviews for "Calderbank 2"


Using cripples as the subject for Flash movies? Who would've thunk it?

But seriously, Calderbank is an example to cripples everywhere. I hope to see more of his adventures in the future.

EdibleCastle responds:

"cripple" is such a negative term i feel.

Awesome.... just absolutely awesome..

I was kinda waiting for part two... have part one in my favorites list... its just absolutely perfect... and prettyboy.... watch part one if you DONT understand why he doesent have legs

EdibleCastle responds:

cool, thanks for having CB in your favs. He likes it there.

hmmm not bad:D

i dont know some things that are just so stupid but funny get to me...but good job!!!and btw you are talented!

Huzzah for the Calderbank

Once again, I really love Calderbank and he's so cute--
and the animation is great, too. I think you've improved and matured on the series and I have nothing negative to say.

(And the "different" voices didn't bother me at all...and I still can't find much difference, really...eh, they're great, too)

And if I didn't know any better, I'd think there were a few Stars of David in that cute little fight cloud

EdibleCastle responds:

haha do u think he's cute? Me too. I think we're the only ones.

unfortunetly you dont know any better and there were no stars of david in the cute little fight cloud. (: mine had 5 points.


That was so messed up! was still a great watch. HAHA i didn't see the ending coming >.<