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Reviews for "Calderbank 2"

Loved it!

I watched it half an hour ago and I'm still singing the theme song! Very catchy. I loved it.

Too funny :)

not bad, actually I like it :) the theme songs are so catchy where can I get it?

EdibleCastle responds:

you can download the original calderbank song from the audio portal.

hmmm not bad:D

i dont know some things that are just so stupid but funny get to me...but good job!!!and btw you are talented!

I do not what I just seen...

The style was good, the music so so, even the animation was worth watching. But the story killed it, it didn't make any sence and it, it... you get the idea. Better luck on the next one, cause this one get thumbs down.

EdibleCastle responds:

LOL. the "STORY" made no sense? have you watched any of my other animations? now THOSE stories make no sense. THIS story however makes absolute sense. I really don't see how you didnt understand it. Go watch some stickfights or something. thanks for the review.


I didn't think any other movie you made could beat whitmore....BUT IT DID!!! omg u crack me up ive watched this about 40 times now!

EdibleCastle responds:

40 times? haha.

..is that all?