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Reviews for "Calderbank 2"

I less-than-three the Calderbank.

Never before have I laughed so hard at a cripple.

And I do that a lot.

EdibleCastle responds:

u laughed at him? you're sick!

Haaaa nice one

Not too bad, i completely forgot about this series, i'm glad that its on the front page, so it should.

Graphics were unique and the voices were damn funny.

The plot was great and at no minute did i get dis-interested.

It was real smooth to watch, no hard bits or lame jokes. Nice work man!

I love the scottish accent on the afro. Scotland for the win wee laddeh!

EdibleCastle responds:

haha k, cool. so u liked it but it was nothing special. alright. thanks for the review. and you're right, the plot was great.

it had its times

it was ok

I havent watched it yet but 10 4 u!

Hey i havent watched it yet but the first one was so incredible u get a 10 no matter what on this one. After the 3 dots i'll tell u what i think of this one for i shall have watched it... WILL ARBUCKLE YOU ARE A GENIUS!!! WILL DO TRICKS 4 BOOZE!!!! You cleaned up the animation a little bit since last time. Did you change Wesley's voice? I think i actually liked the old one better. If you didnt change it, the actor just didnt talk as heavily with the accent, but i found it amusing with the accent. I had a great time watching this and shall for hours like the first one. If i got a reply from u that would be soo awesome!

EdibleCastle responds:

meh, it wasnt intentional. thx for enjoying.


like i stated in my last review...i
still dont get it. maybe my sense
of humor might not coincide with
the "ridicously wacky" and
"incoherent" style this has;
but one cant help, but to find
the amputated, irregularity that
is claderbank, very enjoyable and likeable.
also for the rest of the oddball cast too.
score: ***

EdibleCastle responds:

the only thing incoherent in the movie is calderbank himself. Luckily that's why he is given subtitles to help us all out. thanks for the scores and review. its appreciated.