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Reviews for "Calderbank 2"

best flash i have ver seen

i saw shit before it got voted on and its alot better than the first i hope u make a 3rd

EdibleCastle responds:

u saw a shit b4 Calderbank 2 was voted on? well i dont quite understand you but thanks for obviously enjoying the cartoon!

very good

i have one question wat was the frame rate

EdibleCastle responds:


Another great thing youve made

MARVELLOUS EXCELLENT PERFECT GREAT CRAPPY...but good its a good thing its really really funny still makes me now and then i tihnk most funny is in calderbank 1 please friend spare me your fake AAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAaAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarms but still i think the greatest thing u did is the song OMFG the song is bloodly awsome its so funny(how can a simple song at the credits on both cartoons make me laugh so much and is so smart)really where do u get the ideas for the song ive heard it so many times i have memorized it calderbank do you call youself a man i see a less pathetic thing sleeping in the ground just a lump of flesh of bone or maybe im wrong and your made up of foam (dont like singing the love him parts)calderbank how do you move along you cant wear suspenders but you look good in a thong i acnt see why your living no i never will your face disgusts me makes me wanna kill AWSOMO SONG! and who did the voice for the song WHO DID THE VOICE I LIKE IT GO ON NZ IDOL WHOEVER DID THE VOICE FOR THE SONG AND SING THIS SONG YOU WILL GET KICKED OFF THE STAGE FOR SINGING A SONG ABUT A MAN WITH NO LEGS AND FAKE ARMS BUT IT WILL BE FUNNY AS HELL! WOOHOO

*subliminal message* go to wallmart more often *subliminal message*

EdibleCastle responds:

lol u again. i did the singing in the song. think i should tour around all the different countries that host pop idol shows and bring calderbank to the world.? hah.

Huzzah for the Calderbank

Once again, I really love Calderbank and he's so cute--
and the animation is great, too. I think you've improved and matured on the series and I have nothing negative to say.

(And the "different" voices didn't bother me at all...and I still can't find much difference, really...eh, they're great, too)

And if I didn't know any better, I'd think there were a few Stars of David in that cute little fight cloud

EdibleCastle responds:

haha do u think he's cute? Me too. I think we're the only ones.

unfortunetly you dont know any better and there were no stars of david in the cute little fight cloud. (: mine had 5 points.


I loved the first Calderbank and I immediately downloaded the mp3 from the audio portal. The song is very very catchy, Ive watched the first one and this one hundreds of times and I cant get the songs out of my head!!!! I hope it'll be possible to obtain the 2nd song also. Great job Will! :)

EdibleCastle responds:

if you email me or something i can send the song to you.... but i mean.. its practically the same song.