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Reviews for "Calderbank 2"

Calderbank, you've got no face

I'm looking forward to seeing what's going to replace his face. A great series, just as good as Whitmore, the Toad Pirate, which I would love to see more of too.


I feel really, reaaaaallly sorry for him... first he had no arms, then he got WOODEN arms.... then a dude chopped of his legs with a chainsaw, and now he has DOGS for legs... that also makes WOODEN DOGS but who cares... *cries*

EdibleCastle responds:

dont feel sorry for him. he's a twat


LOL I hope you keep installing to the series

EdibleCastle responds:

yes me too. i just have to find some time.


i wanna download ur songs !!! there absolutely great :D
your calderbank toons are great

EdibleCastle responds:

the calderbank theme is in the audio portal. you can dload it from there my friend

A film for the entire family!

I found the art very well done and drawing to the plot of Calderbank's adventures. The expressions are priceless, and the fluid movement of the flash gives it a feel as though it were a television show. ^_^ You did a wonderful job, and I hope to see much more.

One question though, who do you get to sing the ending songs for these? They're really good singers XD Makes me want to sing along

EdibleCastle responds:

praise indeed. thanks there! the singing is done by me, and I'm not a good singer. It takes at least 20 attempts PER line to record something that sounds in tune.... then i sing it approximately 3 more times on different channels just to cover up the bad notes. but feel free to sing along!