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Reviews for "Calderbank 2"

>.< ahahahahahah

your the only person i dont go all serious about when i review the movies of. i guessd you woulld make this and i was right now let me guess next is calderbank 3 when he has noface. btw you get a 6 as before.


Pretty good, i was noticing that it didnt look like a flash movie and more of a real cartoon heh, one thing though that i notice, seems as if your making this cartoon only to be the next homestar or something, (the link to the cafe press) really makes this seem less of a genuine type of thing, other than that, um cool on the music, its not easy to compose a song much less one thats funny, so props, um lets see, pretty funny nice job, i'll give it a 5/5

EdibleCastle responds:

the next homestarrunner? me? what? tons of people own cafepress shops. how should that lower the standard of the submission? I didnt make my last 6 cartoons to be the 'next homestarrunner' (by the way, he's a cartoon character, how can I be like him?) and neither did I with this one.

<3 Calderbank

Dude this was freaking awesome!!

Graphics and the animations were so smooth and they were just so.. edible.. mmm.. crunchy! Voiceacting was great in every way and the musics gave a bucket full of tears (and not in a bad way.) The story was really unexpectable, i said about 56 times "Didn't see that coming."

So it was great in every way.. GOOD JOB!
Can't wait for the next adventures of Calderbank.

You should do a long opera version of Calderbank (about 2 hours long) mixed up with a karaoke, like most of the songs would be understandable and you could sing along, but everytime when Calderbank sings there would be a female opera singer doing hes voice..

..or maybe not.. just forget all about this review.. i hope i will.. i'm gonna go to sleep.. take care.. bye

EdibleCastle responds:

haha thanks for the review tumoas. good luck with your future animations.

You sadistic bastard.

First of all, was it intentional that that one character's voice sounds like a cross between Bert from Sesame Street and Malcom MacDowell in A Clockwork Orange? Besides that you are a terrible, terrible person for created a man whom tragically nobody can understand and who has no legs but then gets them replaced with dogs as if that was any better. And those poor goddamn dogs! Why don't you use your animation skills to create children in third world countries with plenty of food and shelter! You call yourself a man, I call you a pathetic ass who takes pleasure in other people's torture.

Great job by the way.

EdibleCastle responds:

no. it wasnt my intention to have one of the characters voices sound like a cross between bert from sesame street and malcom macdowell in a clockwork orange.

I am not a terrible person. this is a true story. all characters exist in real life.. i just told the story the way it happened. god bless you Calderbank.

thanks for enjoying it.


hey that was well cool :D and my surname is calder :D and my mate showed me the first calderbank cause of the name similarity n there both awesome :) good work

EdibleCastle responds:

there was a guy from Calderbank who was really offended by the first episode. glad to see you dont mind.