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Reviews for "Calderbank 2"

I want a cripple freind now!

that was so awsome it made me want to crap my pants

EdibleCastle responds:

your tiny pink pants?


Using cripples as the subject for Flash movies? Who would've thunk it?

But seriously, Calderbank is an example to cripples everywhere. I hope to see more of his adventures in the future.

EdibleCastle responds:

"cripple" is such a negative term i feel.

Excellent, again.

I'm interested in knowing Calder's beginnings. I wager he used to be a successful and inspirational person of some sort.

EdibleCastle responds:

unfortunetly. he was born pretty much exactly how you saw him in episode 1.. same size n all.


what is that ape-mans voice weird... (never saw his movies) but I think it is a sort of Chewbecca in the Star-Wars movies

EdibleCastle responds:

what? have you reviewed calderbank while watching someone elses movie? what are you talking about?

these movies are awesome

I love Calderbank. These movies are a little odd, but entertaining. I still cant wait to see more of Calderbank!

EdibleCastle responds:

yeah they're just a little bit odd.