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Reviews for "Calderbank 2"

Awesome, i wasnt expecting that.

The good thing about this is you didnt absolutley have to watch the first episode to understand this. I think i might go back and watch it now that ive seen this. I must admit i wasnt expecting something soo good, and im very happy i ended up watching this. It basically had no flaws, maybe a thing or two to be improved but nothing serious. Here is my review.

The graphics were great in this, and you have the kind of animating style that i love to watch. It is very easy on the eyes, and everything is drawn smoothly, and the colours are just nice. I love your drawings style, not only was it smooth, but its creative in a way i find hard to explain. The backrounds fit everything else nicely, and the animation is great too, i cant complain about anything here. The style of this movie was good, even if it was a tiny bit slow to get going, i thought this was going to be dumb, but it definitely wasnt that. Your animating style is awesome, but thats not the only reason i liked your style. The idea is a little odd i must admit, but it is indeed funny, and the same goes for your presentation. For example, your dialogue being so unique is odd presentation. The sound was awesome in this too, i loved the quality, it was just briliant. Whether it be voice acting, sound effects, or my favourite part the music all was awesome. I really liked the song playing in the credits :D. Humour was good, i didnt laugh but i smiled.

Overall this was an awesome movie, and i thank you for putting me in such a good mood. I cant wait until episode 3! 4/5

EdibleCastle responds:

thanks for the absolutely splendid review. I'm glad we put you in such a good mood.

Awesome.... just absolutely awesome..

I was kinda waiting for part two... have part one in my favorites list... its just absolutely perfect... and prettyboy.... watch part one if you DONT understand why he doesent have legs

EdibleCastle responds:

cool, thanks for having CB in your favs. He likes it there.

that was odd

very wierd dont under stand why is he withiut no legs

EdibleCastle responds:

watch episode 1 and all will be revealed.

that was funny

man that was funny i liked the endind wen the dog ripped his face off u thought he was gonna lik his face lol anyway good job u shud make a 3rd

EdibleCastle responds:

gosh now. you shouldnt spoil the ending for people who havent watched it yet.


I've been waiting a while for this to come out. It's funnier than the last one, and the graphics are just as good. 4/5 keep it up!

EdibleCastle responds:

i'm glad you enjoyed it more. I do too.