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Reviews for "Calderbank 2"

it was ok.

It was funny but not quite as funny as the first. the doctors voice could have been better but maybe thats just me... But I admit I didnt see the face thing comming. luled me into a sense of security. good job. I love these songs, too btw. I hope you make Calderbank: you've got no face soon!

No face!

Yep, I knew he was going to lose his head or something like that at the end. I enjoyed this because once again, you went the extra mile and decided to not just stop after it seemed to end. I should have realized that the sequel would be about losing his legs, but I did not even think about that when watching the previous installment! It was nice I looked at your audio stuff before I reviewed your flash work. The voices were good in this. I really liked the funny body designs, especially the guy with the cat for a head.


o shite his face! and his legs! my god. y doesnt he just kill himself?


That was so messed up! was still a great watch. HAHA i didn't see the ending coming >.<

What was that???

That was so messed up and surreal, but still ten different kinds of amazing. Poor Calderbank. Your songs are getting better the more I hear them!