Reviews for "spooky tech-step #2"

Pretty intense for such a short loop. Wish it were longer.

I like the name of this loop. Awesome drums and other bass sounds. This is better than the glitch hop. But please make some long songs.

This is a strange loop. Though it's just two seconds and keeps going over and over that ripping effect (or whatever you could call it) at the beginning makes it seem like it's always about to move up a notch. Considering it's so short, it's a really intense loop!


Spooky? What's so spooky about it?

Man you people have some weird names for your songs I'll tell you that much. Anyway it's a cool beat nothing more nothing less moving on!

Could have more depth to it

So this was very short and seemed much more like a loop then anything else now ofcourse thats what it is, now im thinking this could use much more depth to it, so adding abit more to it making it longer and just more mixes of music type of stuff would work abit better, well just a few ideas to stretch it out abit, i like it for the time it is just needs abit more in there, so anyways notbad and good luck on your next entry.

So as explained ad more depth and make it longer, some new mixes in there wouldnt hurt.