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Reviews for "Xionic Revolution"

That was AWESOME!!

It was perfect!!! I mean... the text speed was a bit too fast.. but I'm a slow reader ^_^ Everything was great, the animation the music... perfect! except the text speed....

I can't wait for the teaser to be complete ^_^

Andrew S. Deulus
P.S. - Linux Rulez -

Xionico responds:

well thats cuz i read a little too fast x_x


You... Have left me speechless... There is nothing to say about masterpieces........ exept maybe- MAKE ANOTHER ONE!!! hehe =) anyways great work =P

Xionico responds:

XDDD yeh! make another..o wait thats me, crap XD


Original drawings, idea of history thought and the great humor very well. Brilliant animation, one of ace better in this month, I hope you continue doing but of this type of animations ^^


simon ese, ta bueno ese q chido ese ese ese ese ese ese ese


SSBM is one of my favourite Gamecube game but there was thing you forgot roy wears a bandana and I he is my favourite character can you answer this for me what is your Favourite SSBM character?