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Reviews for "Xionic Revolution"

10 for you sir :P

Well, I wasn't expecting this.

Your humor is shown greatly in this, as well as your expanding knowlage of flash animation. I've said before in your reviews that I love your style, and my love for your style continues in this flash. The detail was great and flowing.

I was not expecting you to take such a great leap in improvement from your last flash to this. You diffenitly proving to be a great animator and learner.

Bubble Trouble was great. Funny to the max.

F.D. Match, good action and humorus ending. I liked seeing your eye effect on Mario

Against Fate Teaser: Left me wanting more :P Hurry up with that...

Over all, you are much wiser than before in a short amount of time. And this is easily my favourite piece of yours.

Xionico responds:

thanks a lot man XD!
i hope u really liked these three submissions
and yeh, i tried the random humour with the bubble bobble, and it seems i had luck with it
F.D, yeh iw anted to make someone to be the joker XDDD
and the teaser, yup its supposed to leave u all wanting to see the full version =P!
thanks a lot xD


wow that was great the bubble bobble spoof was the best the only problem with is that trying to return to the menu on the third flash brings you to the part of the bubble bobble flash where bub is about to fuse.

Xionico responds:

yeh i noticed taht, but it was cuz the teaser flash file i was working with i also had that to jump to the test scene quickly and i forgot to erase it <.<

Best ever

F.D match was best
Bubble trouble..hilllarious
Against fate teaser....not the funniest but really funny

Xionico responds:

XD thanks a lot! im glad you kliked my little inter-collab xD


the artwork was great, both badass and adorable at the same time that teaser looked pretty cool i hope to see the finished product.

And this animation pwnd all other flashes for ever

Everyone in this world makes mistakes, however, it appears that you are an exception. Amazing flash, great sound and the bubble bobble thing is hilarious, if this doesnt get front page, i will lose all faith in the newgrounds voting system

Xionico responds:

thnks a lot, and no, none of my flashes has been on fornt page -.-