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Reviews for "Endless Flight 2"

Nice version of it..

Ive seen at least two other games like this but I like this one the best ( you should have specified to hold the button better )
Anyway good game My highscore 689

it really makes ur fingers ache!

Its really hard to ascend in the air, coz u have to click like ten times and then the dragon goes to high. You need to adjust that to make the game easier.

GeoKureli responds:

you can hold down the mouse button to go up


I dont see how you can play that...ive played some pretty bad games...but...im pretty sure that takes the cake...i mean...its REALLY SLOW...and...umm REALLY BORING...now i know its called endless flight...but ive played some games simialr...and they were way better...had high hope...and you crushed them...thanks...for nothing

A little slow..

But a pretty good improvement. At least tell everyone how to get the upgrades. Nobody would be able to guess how to get the 3rd one.

Good job on this game.


Very cool adaptation of the classic "helicopter" game.
Good work!