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Reviews for "Endless Flight 2"

Nice game

Something about it made me not want to stop. And it wasn't even the gameplay...maybe the flight of the dragon...the music...the background...*drool*. Oh sorry I'm back lol. Something about it though just makes you want to just relax...and just play honestly. 2 thumbz up d('.'d).

You put more features in it and stuff...and an upgrade to this game (if you do consider one one day which I doubt you will lol) will go in my favorites.

I also like how you got it to where the dragon hits the ground and the dust comes up and makes it look realistic. Even the the flight of the dragon looks realistic. Good job on that.


Great remake of Volcano Run. Much better graphics, though I prefered the controls of Volc Run better.

Bit of a rip-off really

Isn't this just that chopper game with a dragon?


This is kinda like a game i saw on neo pets called volcano run. Still cool.

Great game

though my hand does hurt now, just kidding.