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Reviews for "Endless Flight 2"


i found your secret......ringadingding ringadingdingdong.....lol...nice work man......keep it up.

was ok

i liked it, but was a bit boring. and i agree with PFuryoo; it was difficult 2 see the ground and the dragon wasnt as responsive as it should be. but good effort

GeoKureli responds:

well it is a cave, its kinda supposed to be hard to see. although i can see perfectly. also my screen is screwed up. at full brightness, contrast, and color, its still 25 percent darker then a normal screen. i might buy a new one with the money i won.

Good game

Good game, not an original idea though, do you play Neopets? Because I've seen a game there almost exactly like this.

Anyway, nice graphics and everything but the dragon really needs to be more responsive to my controls. It takes a long time for it to move up when I want it to. Also, Its sometimes not easy to see the ground.

not an original idea...

...but still a fun game, nevertheless. Good animation work there. Keep up the good work.

great game

it was helicopter dragon style :)

there were a bunch of changes from helicopter though it was a lot more realistic how he rose and fell

and there were power ups :)