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Reviews for "Endless Flight 2"

God I love the "throwtheheat" secret! Thank you for this!

eh... Effort.Effort.Effort... Well i liked the unicorn with the rainbow flowing from its ass version better....

Edit: The game concept itself, mechanics and overall feel were extremely derivative and overall unoriginal. The art was sub-par to say the lest and the animation was absolutely horrid.
On the other hand the flight mechanics were done fairly well and the gravity didn't feel as overly sluggish as with other games similar to this one. all in all I give Endless Flight 2, 2 out of 5 stars

GeoKureli responds:

I rate this review 1 out of 5 stars, put some effort. Tell me how your experience was.
Edit: I've still learned nothing from this review

Game Lose


I had alot of fun with it there was things that needed improvement here and there but other than that great job =3

folk were also really

-- You don't really explain properly that we need to HOLD down the mouse button to rise. As the dragon was flapping, it made more sense to me that each click would make it rise and that I'd need to click as fast as I could.

+++ Generally appealing graphics. Detail on the dragon.

--- Unoriginal with no real advances made. Offers nothing new over the helicopter game other than the power-ups (don't really change gameplay all that much) and the gfx (and the vagarities of the rock formation actually annoy and seem less fair than the original large rectangles).

+++ The clip I got after typing the msg was kinda funny. The folk were also really well drawn.

- But it had no0 relevance to the game. Why would you include that? No-one'd find it before you mentioned... and also, the sound's too loud.

I'd rather play the helicopter game. I think you should work on more original things mebbe.