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Reviews for "Lisa Simpson (Manga style)"

i dont realy know what to say...amazing? beautiful? arghh...well, you know.
TbI tozhe iz rossii, verno? ploxo, cto nelzya pisatb paznbImi yazbIkami(

FoxShift responds:

V samom dele nelzya? Попробую.

Fav'd this is so awesome!!
I love your style alot. The best parts, beyond the high detail, is actually the opposite.
You purposely didn't drag my eyes to certain places by leaving them rawer.
Like the dress hehe

Who's hair would ever do this and stay that way all day? The Simpsons have the stupidest hair even for cartoon yellow people. Anyways, I like this a lot. I don't really see what people are saying about the dress and how it looks too flat, and it's going outward because that's how her dress is in The Simpsons, so that's why it's doing that. Anyways, I like her better this way than yellow, please do it for all of the characters and perhaps one with all of them in one picture? I mean all of the main family characters, any more than them is just a bonus! OOOOOOOH MR. BURNS!! What would he look like anime?!

.......Do it, now. =)

A perfect depiction of what Lisa would look like if she was in an Anime. She looks very adorable, I could just pinch those cheeks.

awesome work ! great outfit you put ton her