Reviews for "Legend Of Zelda: The Remix"


The opening sounded like the music on some big parades. Then it tooooootally rocked!!

Loved it

I actually thought "ugh great another remix" but this actually made me look forward to seeing other remixes of the legend of zelda. What are the chances you plan on making more remixes of that :P? also what program did you use? FruityLoops Studio?


This is the best remix to anything that I have ever seen! I mean, the retro electric feel makes it perfect. At times while listening to this, I thought "Why, this should be the actual theme song. Screw the current one." Perfect Mix, awesome song overall. Awesome Job!


Simply, Amazing!

This is a very, good remix! I, think it's freakin' awesome! THUMBS UP!!! %u263B

this song is bad ass love how you worked heavy bass into/with a chip tune its really well done