Reviews for "Legend Of Zelda: The Remix"


This could be zelda, but it sounded horrible cheap in my opinion, so i don't blame you, i mean, it's an old project. No problem.

But why is this getting the top 5 then? I don't really understand.

JohnnyFrizz responds:

No idea bro...

But thanks for da 7 :D

I guess you could have done it a lot better than me 3 years ago, right?

Needs some work in the Beginning

I absolutly love the Zelda theme and i think this remix is okay. From 1:15 and on its pretty darn good but before the bassline does not match the rest of the song. Not bad!


I liked it, a nice remix on Zelda theme, but it IS changed up version of it. First seeing it I was afraid they would destroy the song with a strange remix, but he did a good job.

Well...an "A" for effort

My initial reaction upon hearing the first 45 seconds of the song was quite grim. I was about to do a Yatzee-esque destruction of this song. I have to say the rest of the song saved it. You didn't quite hit all the orchestral nuances in the song (and trust me on this one, they are VAST). That's what's really missing out of this. You're missing some voices. Also....clavichord? Come on now....if you're gonna use that as a voice, add some more low strings and some orchestral brass. You know, make it full and epic, like the game, itself. To this song's merit, it tries hard to be cool. It's really close to being something really special and awesome, but it just misses the mark. The buildup was well done, I will give you that. The actual melody timing was SO close to being done perfect. The trance/dance section was the best part of the song, man. If the song were just that, you'd be seeing a better rating out of me. Keep at it, you may just wow me yet. I'm feeling a bit charitable because you DID put decent touches on it, so 4/5 for you.

okay maybe more work next time