Reviews for "Legend Of Zelda: The Remix"

It's Okay.

I know it's old, but I must say, it needs work. Too bad you lost the project file! :(

Right at the beginning, I didn't like the timing of the triplets, they sounded wonky. Some of the notes are wrong as well, which drove me insane, since I loved this game so much and listened to this song so much back in the day. lol

0:57 is pretty damn cool! Sounds like you took the same pattern though and copied it into another synth. So all the same wrong notes are there >.<

The arp at 1:47 didn't fit very well into the mix, it was quite loud and took over the other sounds, if you EQed the lows out of it a bit more, it may have worked better.

It's also quite short, not a very conclusive outro either.

Mind you, everything sounds quite crisp and there's no distortion. :D

Maybe you should completely remake it, I see a lot of promise in this, the wrong notes can/must be fixed!

Keep at it!

JohnnyFrizz responds:

Umm... what the hell are you talking about? XD

Seriously man, which wrong notes? O.o

And yes the mix is pretty fucked up XD As I said on my description, this is an extreeeemly old remix, so I wasnt really that experienced to know how to properly EQ a song, but notes? Ummm nope, perhaps you're saying that because I simply changed the scale of the song, but the notes are fine...

Thanks for the review, although I would have preferred you reviewed one of my trance songs, but anyways.....

Yeah it was really good

this was a real good tune man the beginning was some of the best things :) the transfer was very cool but when the next melody came it was really dissapointing. it woud be better if it were more hardcore.Bbut overall the song were fantastic


Off-key in places.

It's a good concept, but the fact that it goes off key in some places really bugs me. Also, the intro part is kind of plain.

JohnnyFrizz responds:

Very true, as I said this is a very old remix I made 3 years ago, so I wasn´t that experienced in music producing and I swear I would have fixed everything if I still had the project file...

But anyways... thanks for commenting.

Not too bad.

Personally, I didn't like the beginning too much, but it picked right up at about 0:58 and I really got into it. It went from *yawn to *AWESOME!* right there. Love it!

**Thumbs up**

JohnnyFrizz responds:



lol it was great