Reviews for "Legend Of Zelda: The Remix"

Mega Grubby and super drifty

It makes drifting good again and my grubby eye makes me wanna cry :'( good grubby work may the witchetty's gold amulet be with you :)

Best so far........

Well that was cool and the best I have ever heard! All I have to say is use more techno and make it faster! But still the best out there! For now.....

its pretty good

i thought that the intro could have been a bit better, but the rest of the song was awesome. Some of the instruments could have mixed a tiny bit better, but it sounded good overall.

I think if either the intro ended at 0:20, or something was added, idk.. The build was really good. I guess Id like it more if the intro was half the length, and the part right after the build was half as long.

Matter of preference maybe. But like its been said before, the awesomeness of the main melodies really saved this one and made it stand out. so props for that!

pretty cool!

Bad intro

The intro wasn't very good, but the rest of the song was fantastic!

Not the best, but still good

This is real good, its just in my opinion it isn't the best remake I have heard of the theme song. still 5/5 and 8/10 from me though