Reviews for "Legend Of Zelda: The Remix"

nice work

without even realisng i began shacking my head a bit :P keeo it up


Hey normally i dont like this sort of music but what ever instruments you used for this (I think it was violin and bass?) really brought out the background track and then suddenly it just went bang! into techno. Not really my type of music but its still pretty good XD P.S. sorry for ruining your page of nothing but 10 ratings :/


Excellent. Nice techno bit! The only thing I would say is that a lot of the notes seem a bit to short and spikey, but maybe that's just my tastes and your style.

Peace out!!


i remember playing the old game just to listen to the original this is ver y weird

nice, needs a tiny bit of work though

gamerguy somwhere below me is kinda right, the intro isn't that good as the rest of the song, i think taking out those backnotes out and yust make the original zelda intro play, would make it a bit better, idk, you could try,
the rest of the song has a catchy beat, it sounds yust like the old days, a bit retro, and the still, it has the normal catch that we have now'adays, nice work, keep it up