Reviews for "Legend Of Zelda: The Remix"

Love It!

It sounds just like the Zelda theme song but it has a bet of a twist I say it is a Zelda song to the max!


Somehow needs more blending in the background, it just sounds like alot of dischord and inexperienced keyboard playing.

JohnnyFrizz responds:

Well thanks for the criticism but I will have to disagree with you, the dischord is you mention is probably the effect given by the Harpsichord and I don't see where's the inexperienced keyboard playing....

Needs some work in the Beginning

I absolutly love the Zelda theme and i think this remix is okay. From 1:15 and on its pretty darn good but before the bassline does not match the rest of the song. Not bad!


not that great...


dude you have some tallent this song deserves a ten out of ten