Reviews for "Denzel Soundboard"

the soundboard was awesome.

the movie was awesome and so is Darwin 7 Fuck u joe_kangaroo

Darwin7 responds:

My thoughts EXACTLY.


so i just happen to have the president or paraguay's phone number. and i call the guy up and i open up this sound board. and i start clicking buttons, and the president is totally buying it and all i can hear him saying is "denzel? denzel?! is that really you?" and i'm all thinking "man, this guy is such a loser." and i keep fooling him and he's eating up and then i somehow (through an amazing combination of quotes) convince him to step down as president and move to california to come live with me (who he THINKS is denzel washington) so we can be best friends. pretty freaking crazy, right!?

Darwin7 responds:

Did that really happen? lol


That sound board wasn't very well set out. Clips were everywhere just sort of sprinkled everywhere. Also I didn't see a stop button either. Also alot of the clips varied in quality, equalize them first maybe?

Darwin7 responds:

Yeah you're totally right, the sounds are loud and quiet I used a mic and put it up to my tv to record the sounds lol it was back when I didn't know how to use a computer as well as I do now. And space bar is the stop button btw, if you look at the bottom of the flash you can see it says "Press space bar to stop all sounds" Thanks for the review!

Just, bad.

The graphics weren't good, the sounds weren't all the same volume, and there was stall time when I clicked a button.

Put much more effort into it before you submit.

Darwin7 responds:

Let's see you make a better soundboard, motherfucker.


Sorry i just really fucking hate Sound Boards, no point in them. Cept for making a retarded prank call. But thats it.

Darwin7 responds:

What is this, "Jerk Day"?