Reviews for "Sour Moon"

it's ok

it has a good story line, but the animation is shit.

wow... I dunno why, but I really liked it..

Wow... like I said, I dunno why... but I really liked this movie. The plot was great, the animation sorta sucked, the sound was pure crap, but dude I really liked this movie, it gets a 4! ^.^

All right I wont trash it

All this movie needs is some graphics better music and a story board and it would be an eight. Nice work for a beginner.GOOD JOB!!!!!

sorry, man

sorry, man...but that movie was lame.

It had promise but...

I think your movie could be good if you would touch up some details, for one don't have the background showing behind the people. And the sound is horrendous. It's impossible to tell what is being said. More detail in the drawings would be good too. However I like the plot, perhaps you coudl improve this movie then resubmit it?