Reviews for "Whats on TV? 3"

Absolutely Hilarious!

Tricky coming out of nowhere with the scream was the funniest. Also funny was Bedn dressed up as a girl in the "Never Wanna Grow Up" song. Great job!

this was fucking fantastic

redface is a genius

DarkArchon responds:

Yes, he is!

Like all the other episodes of the series...

FUNNY AS HELL!!! Keep it up DarkArchon, this is great. This series is becoming better by the seconds! Happy Clock Day my friend!

- BlueCherryClock

DarkArchon responds:

Thanks Bluecherry!

Happy Clock Day!

Happy Clock Day

Comments on Wade Fulp were hilarious <3

DarkArchon responds:

Thanks Strange!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Clock Day to you, Sir. <3

Happy Clockday <3<B<3

This movie is teh secks.

DarkArchon responds:

You rock. Thanks!