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Reviews for "[MC] To the Frontlines"

All my 10

I use EWQL Symphonic Gold as well. It's kick-ass isn't it. I loved your string sections. Way to go! Personally, I like this version better.

varrin7 responds:

Yeah I love it. I just wish they'd stop coming out with new stuff, because that play library looks awesome. But I decided to save up for the Hollywood Strings instead, as really most of the things I'll probably write will mostly involve strings. I can't wait till it comes out!


*wipes tear from eye*

I think that the other reviews already give you the idea... Woah... just wow

well done

vey well doe kinda reminds me of pirates of the carribean at a part

a masterpiece that can only be described as amazin

this song is turely a master piece that can be used in any sort of war movie. If its the being or the end it will work any were. I couldn't belive the ideas i had for so many movies with this song. And for that I must thank the author of this song. I might use it for a Iwo Jima reactment when there rasing the flag. If the author wants to see the video i will send him a link from youtube.

varrin7 responds:

Yeah, please send me the link, I'd love to see the vid!
And thanks for the review.

Way to go bro!

Hey love the piece, absolutely breathtaking. the one thing i would try to change is how the strings sound so synthesized, but all-in-all a great peice