Reviews for "[MC] To the Frontlines"


*wipes tear from eye*

I think that the other reviews already give you the idea... Woah... just wow


This sure sounds very epic and splendid, as if it came straight from a movie but fantastic job on this dude.

varrin7 responds:

Why thank you.

Imagery is Everything...

They stand on the front lines, each one saluting when ordered, checking their guns on comman, perfectly in unison. Their commanding officer i almost oo proudfor words, but his face remains stotic and plain. Each one is dressed in their best dress-blues.
And as one they move over the hillside, into view of the crowd so patienly waiting. The white crosses that go on for much to long. The simple red flowers that grow there.
These are the heros.

Anyway, that was the story in my head while I read this. Very beautiful.

Very nice

This is very well done. I enjoy the classical side of music and this is very well written. Great Job and keep them coming

varrin7 responds:

Thanks, and I will.

Quite Nice!

This is nitpicky but hopefully useful: I think you can push yourself to get a more realistic string sound out of this sample library. Real strings have sort of a lilting constant crescendo / decrescendo through every note. I draw in the curves by hand when I'm writing for synth strings. Try using the "Expression" channel and draw in the curves. Next step would be to add variations in the attack of each string note.

Looking forward to hearing more.

varrin7 responds:

Thanks for the suggestions. Yeah, I think the problem is I have trouble finishing things. I get so excited to hear the end result, that when I'm nearing the end I rush so that I can listen sooner. I'll try your suggestions, and make sure to pace myself.