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Reviews for "Broken Clocks"

Glad someone finally spoofed it! :)

Nice surprise to wake up this morning with a mail from Tom telling me to scope this out - better than a shitty breakfast and a slap in the face, to be sure! There are some skillz on display, to be sure....and I LOVED the steak ending!!! Word...

RenegadeClock responds:

I'm glad you liked it! You folks really did an awesome job. I had a lot of fun playing with the story and trying to recreate the backgrounds. Thank you so much! Word and Happy Clock Day!


great movie
clocks rockzorz!!!

happy post-clock morning!!!

RenegadeClock responds:

Thanks! Happy Post-Clock Day!


That rocked. I love the clock flashes. They're awesome. This rocked too :D.

RenegadeClock responds:

Thanks, you rick!... Uh, I mean, ROCK! Happy Clock Day!

It was good

It was good, somtimes funny but overall it was allright!

RenegadeClock responds:

Thank you! Happy Clock Day!

This time, it's good.

So the trick is, make tons of flashes and by sheer statistics alone you'll make a really good one no matter what. Ok I'll go along with that. The weakest areas of this flash are a tie between voice acting and story-line. That doesn't mean they were bad, but if the author wanted to improve on anything I think that's where he should start. The Leeroy Jenkins reference was hilarious as well, and it just keeps getting funnier, ever time I see one! Leeroy Out Loud!

RenegadeClock responds:

You can't tie voice acting to a storyline. They're intangible! Thank you and Happy Clock Day!