Reviews for "Your Making Him Sad"


if only a violin sounded like that.

SwitchBladeClock responds:



plucking a violin with a bow? you can't make the sound of an acoustic guitar with a violin. specialy not using the bow. you disgust me.

SwitchBladeClock responds:

wtf, your the third person that said this, I DONT GIVE A SHIT

to dumbass head Crusty_Wiwuh...

he can do any freakin thing he wants! YOU MAKE HIM SAD!BURN IN HELL Crusty_Wiwuh...

SwitchBladeClock responds:

Friggin right he makes me sad :(

but u maike me tah hap hap

your perseverance to make this is amazing

You must have tooken months to make this, it is truly a god among clock films, this deserves a 5 all the way. You are a symbol of perseverence

SwitchBladeClock responds:

It did take months actually. Thanks.

cutiebones, YOU suck, this a decent cartoon.

Like I said above, ok, not perfect, though.

SwitchBladeClock responds: