Reviews for "The Sky Looks On"


Toe Tap'n, finger snap'n goodness :)

Epitaph64 responds:

Thanks man


This song is pretty catchy and I like it. Great job dude :)

10/10 5/5

Ooh, I LOVE this! It's sort of... Whimsical. It's got such a nice tune, sort of relaxed and hyper at the same time.

Epitaph64 responds:

Whimsical is a good word for it. Somewhat how I was feeling at the time haha.

Wow. xD

Sounds cool.



Yeahhh... pretty much everything I said about your other song applies here. Wow, the two violins compliment each other so well. Perfect harmony! Like I said before, this would be an excellent choice for a game or perhaps even a movie. As soon as the song started I was instantly reminded of the older Zelda games. Like one of those tunes that play when you go into a small shop. You certainly have a knack for writing music. I've listened to a lot of your stuff in the last hour :) There's some sort of professional quality found in most of your tracks, and I believe it comes primarily from your writing ability. What else do you do in life that's music related? I could be wrong, but I bet you're not just another random Newgrounder submitting music!

Again, keep up the good work!

Epitaph64 responds:

Thanks for the kind sentiment. I'm not sure exactly what is my inspiration, so to speak, for these tracks. I took piano lessons between 9 and 13, but I never wanted to play the songs as they were written, and always made adjustments. This is probably because the songs in those books were dumbed down to be easier to play, so I would jazz them up a bit to be more exciting to play. Now, I'm taking computer science (of all things) in college. My blog about mainly programming stuff is here: http://validopinion.wordpress.com/