Reviews for "{Dj-L} My Punishment (Nustyle)"

Nice work.

The one thing i really enjoy about this song is how it loops so well.
The ending notes match up damn near perfectly with the starting notes.
Making it a very enjoyable song to have looping in the background.

Meonly70 responds:

Well, glad you liked it man. Thanks.


I really like this. I agree with some below me, intro is a tad bit dragging, but in no way bad. Love at 2:24 when you have that sub-bass clear. Great ending as well


Meonly70 responds:

Hey, thanks a bunch man. I'm really glad you liked the song. Thanks for the review Nate, means a lot. :)

Could have been better.

My main complaint is the kick. I just don't think that a traditional preset kick would work for this song. A filtered kick + sub-bass combination would work best.


Meonly70 responds:

Um, the bass during the melody is the main kick and is exactly what you said, the other intro kick is just for the intro.


I've been making some hardstyle too :)
TBH the intro is kinda long, and the synth just feels like it doesn't fit that well, or maybe that's just my low quality earphones. Anyways, if you have the time, check my stuff out :)

Meonly70 responds:

Will do man, thanks for the opinion and review :D

Agreed with ssab

Not my style, but nice.

Meonly70 responds:

Thanks man :D