Reviews for "Frogbag Clock is Jesus?"

Stroke of genius

All my 5 are go in the frogbag!!!!

I´m sold.

I´m no longer an Atheist since I now know that FrogBagClock is in fact Jesus.

Happy Clock Day

Wade Fulp's Face? EVERYTHING goes in the Frogbag.

Really funny song and movie. Reminds me of some of Weebl's movies, like Scampi (don't know how you feel about that, but it's meant as a compliment). I wish the lyrics were little louder.

Munglai responds:

That's because I was ripping off Weebl's giant nose.

genius...pure genius

as above, FIFENED =D

This is pure awsome

I'm so glad you know what the Mighty Boosh is or at least used it in this, because it's and awsome show, for an awsome flash.