Reviews for "Shake It SBC!"


Much <3 to the CC. What song was that called btw?

Muffin responds:

Alice Deejay - Better Off Alone ^_^



Muffin responds:

no roj, youre the win <3

happy clock day!


I saw this when it was underjudgement but I never took the time to review it,

I couldn't stop laughing at this its so funny! I must have watched it about 200 times!


That was so funny!! This ROX!!!!11 And rll rll kewl! Excellent work, RoflmuffinGlock! Keep it up!

Simple, but so, so funny.

I loved it, a marvellous Flash, it may have been simply an image, music, text and one picture, but it was set up brilliantly. I'm curious as to who that was prancing about in a bright orange jacket...

Lots Of Love, Rebecca Rose

Muffin responds:

did you find SBC's dance to turn you on? i know you did.