Reviews for "Shake It SBC!"

I`m still not convinced

I dont really beleive you support the clock crew with this



Muffin responds:

no roj, youre the win <3

happy clock day!

That was funny.

But since I am not a clock I am not voting 10 but it's true score 3. It was okay, but at least you have an excuse for not making a decent flash for Clock day. Actually I might join the clock crew, but I got to think of a name.

Muffin responds:

thanks for the review <3 i DID have an epic flash worked out, but when my hard drive crashed i lost my last 2 months of data :( join the CC and have a happy clock day!


what the fuck.. you got a 2.9862.. that movie sucked.. the only reason it got a good score is because its clock.. its so fucked.. just because it says clock doesn't make it good.. actually most clock movies suck.. and.. as its clock day.. i'm going to be doing a lot of blamming today.. i hope you die

love alway,

Muffin responds:

omg a girl on the internet asl?

thanks for the review, babeh.


Much <3 to the CC. What song was that called btw?

Muffin responds:

Alice Deejay - Better Off Alone ^_^