Reviews for "SBC plots for Frontpage!"


VOTE 5! and rupee clock / SBC, I was wondring if there is a programm like speakonia for mac, I'm still a Clock Newblit now but I hope I can change that soon, god bless the cc and happy B-Day Grandad Clock, VOTE 5!

RupeeClock responds:

I know there's a program like Speakonia for Macs, but I can't remember.

When clockcrew.net gets back up, I think there's a resources topic somewhere...


Since i don't have to blame you, i giving this a 10.

RupeeClock responds:

...for what?


that was great.i wish iould make flash but my family can't and i need portal buddys.please e-me i you wish to be my portal buddy

RupeeClock responds:

DUDE, you DO NOT need portal buddies to animate, you need FRIENDS.

you are now my #1 favorite author

this was some of the best flash iv seen and the easter eggs were funny all of them.looking forward to more.
now,on to the "clock day"part of my review.
i USED to hate b but now i think its awsome!i use it and clock crew in any game i can,but that dont mean ill give all tens if the flash sucks like others would,but i dont see you submiting crap any time soon,or ever.ill check out all that i can.
CC and b forever!

RupeeClock responds:


HAPPY CLOCK DAY, clock crew!!

Hahahahahahaha! Nice work! I'm a huge huge fan of the clock crew and the locks (even though they both hate eath other.) Oh yeah, it's awsom what they did to make the voice. (Message to Newbies: They used Speeking Notepad)

Oh yeah, HAPPY CLOCK DAY, clock crew!

RupeeClock responds:

"Speeking notepad" has a name and it's speakonia...