Reviews for "SBC plots for Frontpage!"

I Love NUMA NUMA!!!!

You......... Are A FLASH GOD! You're work is great. Keep it up. OH, and creepy easter egg!

RupeeClock responds:

There's 6 of them in all, some, creepier than others. XD

the best clock crew movie EVER!

totally awesome! you must be the best clock in the world!
you realy need to be the king of the portal for a month.
keep it up! ''i <3 teh clocks''

RupeeClock responds:

Seriously, there are far beter Clocks than me, Renegade, Strange, Leek, they're far better clocks than I will ever be.

*plots* mmmmhh now i'm convinced joining the crew

this movie.. i LIKED IT, people hate some of SBC flashes but anyway the flash quality is not the objective. So... weeeee! i'm thinking about join or something, neverknow <3

RupeeClock responds:

O rly?

Well when you get good at flash, and I mean like, easily make a 2+ scoring flash and know the basics, come and register at Clockrew.net!

he he

When your dressed up as a furry you look like tails except your green. DAMNIT THAT WAS A GOOD MOVIE YOU GET A 5!

RupeeClock responds:



It was great, love the plot!
keep it up! (LOL I said "Keep it up!" HAHAHAH)


RupeeClock responds: