Reviews for "SBC plots for Frontpage!"

I was very impressed by this cartoon! This was really the fourth one? I mean, where are the collections for the other Clock Days? It only started with 2005. I was really impressed by the animation. It was so fun seeing all of those clocks.

It's a pity Clocks have declined. Well, this website has declined. I found four of the Easter eggs. I guess you don't want me to tell everyone where they are. The "Start" on the computer is clickable but doesn't do anything.

Wait at the end of the credits

ok...when he says what about all clocks,if you click on the first clock to come up,
its pure fucking cunt shit fuel.

click fla in strawberrys drawing
click strawberrys paper when rupee drew onit
click on red dude in sprite dance
click kat whwn sbc says all ur clocks
click pic in back wen sbc is talking to tomato
click pwr bttn in explanation for...ki10!!!!!
lol at kats face
it tells real time