Reviews for "SBC plots for Frontpage!"

does indeed need a higher score.

This does seem like something strawberry would do but anyways great flash...your the best rupee

RupeeClock responds:

This thing used to be 4.20, not 3.88.

The portal's standards have really risen the past few years.

Needs a higher score

All I can say really is w00t x17...
And keep making quality flashes.

RupeeClock responds:

Thank you.


It was great, love the plot!
keep it up! (LOL I said "Keep it up!" HAHAHAH)


RupeeClock responds:


I luv your movies!

Your clock is also 1 of mut y favorites. The easter eggs were funny, but that ki10 thing creeped me out the first time saw it, do u clocks have something against him?

RupeeClock responds:

Do you people even double check what you post online?

That was funny.

Great movie.

I noticed it was 13:37 on the computer. :P

RupeeClock responds:

Looking back, 1337 is just so, horribly dated.
You look like a total jackass if you use it.