Reviews for "SBC plots for Frontpage!"

Happy clockday

Happy Clockday Rupee.
Loved your movie. really funny.
Hope you have a good day!

RupeeClock responds:

I wish the same of you!

Can't you just feel the trippyness in this?

Awesome movie, although that weird ki10 egg in the about part weirded me out. Today is (no offense) a good day for blamming, but also a good day to see a few of those really nice clock movies trickling out of the portal. THe intro music sounds like it's from a video game, so which one? I like it btw. THe whole movie was reallly funny, but I've never seen any of those clocks, did you make them up or something, or are they just not so noticeable? And whats with your weird obsession of strongbad and sonic? THe movie was pretty weird, but that also made it funnier. Keep up with the good work...and never go to a psychiatrist.

RupeeClock responds:

1: Sound effect messes with your head doesn't it?

2: Yes, there's a lot of crap out there today, but this was submitted before all that crap spawned.

3: The intro music is from MMBN5 DS, read the credits man.

4: Maybe you just never saw them around the CC.net forums?

5: I just like them, some of my favourite characters!

6: Weird? Pancakes.


Gosh, it was funny.
Yes, I have been working on defying gravity for a while now, almost there.

RupeeClock responds:

Well it's not quite gravity defination you see, you're poking your spines into the ceiling to maintain a grip. :)

Happy Clock Day

A great and loveable submission, Rupee. There was constantly stuff going on, it was genuinely funny, and it was impressive how there was a lot of talking without it ever getting boring. Well deserved Clock Day frontpage and collection get! <3

RupeeClock responds:

I dare say the same about your flash getting frontpage Strange. ;)
I don't see it in the collections though, not yet anyway... *Submits to collection*

Thanks for the review! <3


I don't usually give full 10s but you deserve it :D

You replied to my comment on your intro aswell which was nice becuase not a lot of people respond these days :P.

But anyway great flash love all your work and good luck on tails and his GBA 3

RupeeClock responds:

Haha, thanks man, I'm still a lil' uncertain about GBA3 but I hope to do it. :)