Reviews for "SBC plots for Frontpage!"

WHEY! That was brill!

Loved it. NUMA NUMA AY! HAHAA! Brilliant! Keep them cranked out;


RupeeClock responds:


Good job...

It was Great and VERY funny! Keep it up!

RupeeClock responds:

Will do!

heehee! ^^

That was an awesome flash. Very nice concept! :P

5/5 ;D

RupeeClock responds:

Glad you liked!


Happy Clock Day, and thanks for reminding me to vote 5 on "B" again!

RupeeClock responds:

You remember to do that every day now son!


Not bad, not bad at all. Normally, i wouldn't even bother watchin a clock movie...but I've seen your work and I've rarely been dissapointed.
What's good about this movie, is that you didn't kill it with long boring scenes. It had decent humor...with little random bursts that were pretty funny. The graphics are among your best, so that was a big plus factor.
So good work, dude. You do good with flash, just dont let the clocks abuse you for it.

RupeeClock responds:

Just don't let the Clocks abuse me for it?
E-man, no, just no.