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Reviews for "Our Special Place...Remember?"


This is some great stuff...

You'd have a 10 from me except that the audio continued to crackle and fuzz up throughout almost the whole piece. I'm not sure what program you're using, but you should consider using a compression device as well as a maximizer if you can. Turning down your master volume is probably going to be necessary as well.

In terms of the music itself... damn. This is really nice. You've got some serious stuff going for you. I wish I could hear this without the cracking and fuzz, because it's beautiful. I can't say anything negative about it, which is rare for me.

9.4/10, 5/5, Favs. I'll DL, too, if you fix the audio up. ;D Let me know if you do that.

Power to you, lanky21!

lanky21 responds:

Due to some recent trouble with my computer, my music making is offline at the moment. But I'll go through and try to get them fuzzy gremlins out of my music as soon as I can. I really hadn't noticed it until you pointed it out, but now it's all I hear dammit! Lol. Thanks for the comments man.

I was mislead!

I clicked it thinking a remix of a final fantasy song, but that's not what it was at all. This song is absurdly epic. The chimes in the beginning and the cello. Mmmm. Cello. I loves me some Cello. It reminded me of Mechwarrior 2, which has the best sound track I've ever heard for a game, save a handful of nameless RPG's. This song sounds like it would be right at home in a survival/horror flick.

I can see it in my brain, nameless entity trying to hide from the mist, running through the woods, there's no audio save this song, filmed with a high speed/HD camera, so everything's just a tiny bit slower than normal and everything's in focus all at once.

Right. Excellent work. On a (I think you should do this!) note, I would love to see (get it? see? sorry.) this with percussion. Or more, I can't really hear any. Or don't recall any. Either way.

lanky21 responds:

Thanks for the review Braethias (cool name, BTW). You're the second person to recommend some percussion. I'll have to take it into consideration. I'm leery about adding or changing old songs, however, as I tend to always mess up the whole thing. But, I'll try it and see how it sounds.

usually not a fan but....

This is brilliant. I really like it. All too often ambient leaves me feeling turned around on a tape track, play stop rewind, but this is a pretty good. Transitional into a new sound that leaves the ear grasping for more while the chimes in the beginning give it something to chew on as an appetizer. The main course leaves it feeling satisfied and content.


lanky21 responds:

Thanks! Glad I could serve an adequate music feast for you. Keep on checking from time to time, maybe you'll find something else you like! I'm always trying new recipes, to keep on with this food metaphor.

some nice work

this is a very beautiful piano piece and it goes so smoothly i cant really think of anything wrong with this really.....but like ive said before you can always experiment with different types of music like maybe rock or metal.. but this is great music actually and pace yourself in making this that way you dont mess up.

lanky21 responds:

I'm working on a more metal project right now. I'm kind of in new territory though, other metal fans will have to be the judge.

Fav Metal bands: "Trivium" and "In Flames"

Almost perfect

This sounds amazing, almost as if it IS from Silent Hill series.

One thing though: I would have loved it way more if it sounded old. What I mean is, if there was "noise", "fuzz", "interruption", etc. Like an old record....That way, it sounds even more eerie and creepy and whatnot. Know what I mean?

lanky21 responds:

I see what you're saying. I guess I was going more for...mysterious, I-don't-know-what's-pulling-me, rather than creepiness. I don't know. I'm glad you liked it though, keep on rockin'!