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Reviews for "Our Special Place...Remember?"


A very, very good peace of music. Yet I listen to it, and find that I still desire something. You are holding back the song, making it go slower than the music flows, and I find myself wanting to rush the song. Still a good peace, but you should really try to let music like this flow.

I do like how it brings a very peaceful feeling upon me though =D.

lanky21 responds:

Thanks for the review, Opossum! Continued peace be upon you.

Almost perfect

This sounds amazing, almost as if it IS from Silent Hill series.

One thing though: I would have loved it way more if it sounded old. What I mean is, if there was "noise", "fuzz", "interruption", etc. Like an old record....That way, it sounds even more eerie and creepy and whatnot. Know what I mean?

lanky21 responds:

I see what you're saying. I guess I was going more for...mysterious, I-don't-know-what's-pulling-me, rather than creepiness. I don't know. I'm glad you liked it though, keep on rockin'!


Absolutely magical. I am a HUGE fan of Silent Hill, and I could definately hear this in the OST.

You did a very good job of making me feel haunted ^.^

thank you.

lanky21 responds:

You're welcome. I could hide under your bed and whisper at night as well, if you want. No?....Too much?

Anyways, thanks for the review Nady, I appreciate it.

some nice work

this is a very beautiful piano piece and it goes so smoothly i cant really think of anything wrong with this really.....but like ive said before you can always experiment with different types of music like maybe rock or metal.. but this is great music actually and pace yourself in making this that way you dont mess up.

lanky21 responds:

I'm working on a more metal project right now. I'm kind of in new territory though, other metal fans will have to be the judge.

Fav Metal bands: "Trivium" and "In Flames"


It's like a silent hill, but more theatrical. That being this song would definitely go beautifully to a good movie or one of the award winning shows on HBO.

I know Silent have like an eerie, sad but beautifully distorted melody to it. This one has grace and will definitely take you somewhere if put on film.

lanky21 responds:

Film?! The mind boggles at the thought! ........BOGGLE....... See? there it goes!

Thanks for the awesome review! I'm humbled that you enjoyed it so.