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Reviews for "Our Special Place...Remember?"

... Did something happen to Sora?

I love this piece... It makes me think Kingdom Hearts, as I've never played Silent Hill...
Almost as if something happened to Sora, changing him (ie. Vanitas taking over his brain?), causing him to be completely different than the person he once was.
Example: Kairi tries to persuade him to remember about the secret place, then when it reaches the bit with the epic sauce violin, Riku joins in, realises there's no hope, tries to stop Kairi, who fights against it, but eventually gives in.
Either way, I love it. It reminds me to keep a hold of whatever's important to me.
Thanks for the brilliant music ^^

lanky21 responds:

Thanks Kair! I would definitely recommend trying out some Silent Hill games (although KH is great too!). Glad you enjoyed it, keep on rockin'!


Beautifully haunting pads, heavenly piano and introspective melodies... :)

You captured parts of Akira Yamaoka's dreamy sound brilliantly, yet composed a sublime piece all your own! I really enjoy drift music as well, and I definitely dig this!

(I'd be honoured if you'd take a listen to some of my ambient works too!)


lanky21 responds:

Thank you very much! This continues to be one my favorites that I've worked on. I'll check out some of your projects for sure.

... <3

This track is absolutely wonderful ! It reminds me so many times... When I could have say things, but they had stayed struck in my throat...

lanky21 responds:

Thanks Raven! This was one of my favorite projects, I'm very glad you enjoyed it.

Great song!

Perfect to fall asleep to...been looking for a lot of those.

lanky21 responds:

Sleep music is my favorite to find, so that's great praise to me. Check out my other sleepy tune "jungle rain" it's a little short, but with low volume I feel like it's a great track to put on repeat and catch some Zzz's.

Excellent use of. . . Everything

I could see so much potential in this. I can see so many things this can be used for. I can actually picture many things all at once.

I don't necessarily feel a chill when I hear this, but more of. . . how to put it. . . an emotional stand point with two others. Kind of like a light romance scene that evolves into something more tragic. Death.

You have painted great visualizations with this piece of art. I look forward to hearing more. You have earned my utmost respect.


lanky21 responds:

Thanks Dante! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Keep checkin' back!