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Reviews for "Newgrounds On Speed"


This is one of the best songs on newgrounds. Seriously. BTW what program do you use to make this music?

I really liked it :D

perfect time to end it so it the loop dosent start 2 get annoying
great beat just simply amazing


wow, the beat never keep me down, since i hardly smile, i kindda wanted to
dance a bit ^^
GrEaT bEaT xD

Epic Win!!

This is one of the best songs i've ever heard!!!


This song is so awesome I feel like IM on speed!
5/5, 10/10, downloaded.
make it longer and maybe remix it a bit, or add so higher notes in the background ( like you did at the minute mark ) for more of the song. Also maybe cut out the pause in the middle of the song.
Other then that, this song RULEZ!!!!

JohnnyFrizz responds:

LOL IM on speed XD

That was a good one man, thanks!