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Reviews for "Learn Something!"


Nice flash to learn

Different but Good

Got to say this is one of the best tutorials i've seen, if i were to be buying a guitar it would've helped me a lot. Other tutorials shove a load of actionscript in and tell you to copy and paste it when you don't even know what it means. You don't learn anything, but this is completely different, good work!

Nice one

I really liked this tutorial. It's something different. All the other tutorials just teach you how to create a basic motion tween. Well, this taught me a lot and I would like to thank you for making it!


It's nice to see that there are submissions out there that are helpful and informative. I'd love to see you do another game with something different. The possibilities are endless. :)

Well actually...

I actually don't think this is half bad. I mean, I've always wanted to purchase an acoustic guitar and this kind of helps me. I dunno about everyone else but I thought this was pretty nice. Kind of bland, but nice. Hope to see some more out of you later.