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Reviews for "Learn Something!"


I play the guitar in a local band but and THATS RETARTED. all u taught is shit like "this is a guitar strap... it holds the guitar on you" like no shit and why would u mension something like a capo so early make an advanced one 4 that like what the fuck u think peeple are gona do: hotel california or the juicy fruit song when they first get there guitar......DUH. Anyway this shit doesnt fit in with new grounds but...... good try buddy.

mark9 responds:

guess what, i play guitar in a local band too. And if your a "good" player, you wouldnt need to see this. this is "beginner" level for people who want to learn, but dont even know what the hell the bars on the guitar are for. And ill work on a more advanced one, that is, if everyone here wants me to.


i had recently gotten a guitar and i was completely clueless, so i got a chord book and i was like what the hell is this? u have helped me so much, i cant thank u enough!!!!

oh my friggin god

i never knew how to do that shit! THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS!!!

(i play the guitar)

dude u dont need to make this a game

dude newgrounds doesnt deserve this if ur going 2 submit somthing like this put it on a guitar site not this

This is a game?

Maybe I didn't wait long enough before closing this but it isn't really a game more of a semi interactive Discovery channel show about guitars.