Reviews for "The Bitter and the Sweet"

makes me hyper

at times like this, i wish i was a breakdancer


This is something you listen to on the dance floor

Pretty good...

Heard better, but hey, you made it into a mascot, Territory War! I'll give you some points on that.

Now THAT is good!

Screw all your stuff with lyrics, this is teh gewt stowf. Best song I have heard in a while now, and I don't think its fight, or chase, but more of a run. It gives me rather vivid pictures of two comrades trying to make it out of a dark facility filled with flickering green neon lights, chased by hideous creatures that resemble phasing demons, the rest of their team already eaten alive before their eyes, and only they are left. Wicked. Very well done, I hope to hear more like it!

Wow dude...

Even if you don't respond to this! This song rocks I love the beginning through the end man! This sounds rly cool! The creepy feel made it sound cool! I voted a five cause this rules! I hope ppl give you enough respect to keep you up man! Really I hope they do cause ppl just like to vote me down for no reason when I never did nothing to them! So man I came here to listen and help you keep this song up cause it rules! Watch those two song of mines that are up right now will go down so it doesn't matter I can't get any NG repect!

cockjockey responds:

Sorry I took so long but thanks for the support, its nice to get a bit of kudos every now and then.