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Reviews for "Defend Your Computer"

bad control

this saks

Great Game!

Great job with the defense part of the game. 4/5

bad controls

I found the controls quite bad and my mouse kept going out of sync. also I kept pressing next level when I wanted to upgrade due to the fact i was still shooting at the end of the level.

Not too bad, more of a shooter than a defence game

its still a decent game tho, good for killin sum time

This game wasn't that good.

1st, the laser charge took long and lasted too little. 2nd, you put the menu right over the playing field, so I never had an opportunity to buy upgrades, because I was still firing my laser and clicked NEXT or whatever it is. And everything moves fast from the get go, so it takes a ton of time to get in sync with the targets coming at you.

This game should have been tested a lot more. Honestly, I don't see how it made past the Flash Portal trial.